• Born and Raised in SF Bay Area.
  • Fourth generation Californian.
  • Conservative
  • Christian
  • Tea-party mobster
  • Moved from Gilroy to Valley Springs in 2004
  • Married, 2 boys, ages 9 and 19
  • Favorite recent book: 'Liberty and Tyranny' - Mark Levin


Seana Hogan
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Believes in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Believes in small government.
Believes that representatives should represent the people.
Believes that conservatives must become activists against socialism.


Master of Arts - Mathematics, UC Berkeley
Bachelor of Arts - Mathematics, San Jose State


Software Engineer - IBM 20 years    Team Leader
    Project Manager
    Technical Expert

Bicycling World Records

Women's Transcontinental (Guinness Book)
SF-LA fatest person (men included)
Seattle-San Diego fastest person
12 and 24 track, 100 and 200 mile track






Contact me at SeanaHogan@SeanaHogan,com
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